a grey puzzling world

I was trying to explain to my son the difficulties of “being different”.  You don’t want to lose who you are, or give in, just because it’s easy, or because you are afraid to stand up for yourself.  Especially if you have spent most of your life wondering what is wrong with yourself, why can’t you just behave and fit in?

But at the same time, you want to be respectful of others, not hurt feelings.  You want to feel like you are giving and doing what you can to make space better for those around you, when YOU are the one ruffling feathers by being odd.
why can’t I fit in this spot?

No, I don’t want a coke.  I don’t want to watch tv.  I don’t want a desk job.  I don’t want McDonalds, or watch commercials, or go to bars, or to buy lots of things…  This is so upsetting to people, they furrow their brows in question, trying to reason in their minds what is wrong with me.   And since I care, it makes me feel bad that I am causing them confusion or uncomfort.
who I actually am

My son thought for a minute, and said, “well.  Maybe there is nothing wrong with you.  Maybe you are a perfect puzzle piece, and they are trying to smash you into the wrong spot.”

Well said, little buddy!!

finding the right spot