Woo! Think I missed a day. I was coming down with a cold or heart sadness, and took ativan Sunday night cuz I was mopey, missing my kiddo. I slept most of the day yesterday!! I must have needed it, but even with the phone on my tummy, I missed S email about skype 🙁

Funny things here. How does sand get all the way upstairs? It’s not soft powdery sand either, it’s rough and course like brown sugar. It makes me giggle to sit on the edge of the bed and wipe my feet off before I lay down. It gets in the bed anyway… and at any other time in my life, I would run screaming with frustration. But now?

Tmi, but also funny; the other day we had been swimming, and I came home to shower. My swim suit top was full of sand and seaweed. Gross! But if done right, you could charge for that in a day spa, exfoliating seaweed treatment…
Oatmeal, brought to you by Behr
And the cream!  We bought a pint of fresh cream to put in coffee.  It’s so thick it squeezes out like toothpaste.  And now we joke about whether we want a slice of cream in the coffee. 
This is a can of oatmeal.  It looks just like a quart of paint.  Had to pry the lid off with the other end of a can opener.  Surprise-  another layer!  No pull tab either.  What’s the trick?  I stabbed it with a knife, then carved the foil part out.  
Yesterday I saw donuts at the market. Fresh glazed donuts!! Yum!  But then I saw the price- $24 for a dozen.  So no donuts for me 🙁  Prices here are a good diet plan for me.  Everything fresh and natural is very affordable; everything processed is expensive.  So ta-da!  I’m eating well.