Lay down comfortably, with your hands on the spots that need love.  Think of my hands on you, gently calming your body.  Think of the calm you feel when you are near me.  Your body knows what to do to heal.  I’ll send calming too.  If you can relax, your body and Source know what to do.  I’m sending healing symbols from my heart to yours.

Breathe softly, deeply, slowly.  Connect. Feel your heartbeat.  Relax…  You are loved… You are safe… Let light in.

Feel my hands and streams of warm water, sunlight, starlight, softly come in and soothe your body.  My hands are gently caressing your face, shoulders, your hands, your heart.  I can feel your heartbeat. Our hearts are beating with the earth.  Sunlight is coming through my leaf fingers, into your heart.

A golden pink light is warming both of us, moving down through our heads, down the arms, feet, out the fingertips, down our bodies, legs, feet, and the toes.  The light is from Source, Creator, pure healing spirit energy.  It softens, cleanses, heals, all the way through every organ, cell, system, every part of your body, swirling out anything not serving you, replacing it with health, wholeness, and love.  Fall into the warmth, release anything that isn’t in your highest.  Relax and let the light energy swirl within your body, flushing out anything negative, flushing it out through your feet, into the earth.

Now picture cool water flowing through your body, a soft rippling stream, moving through your head, chest, down your arms, swirling in your belly, down your legs, out your toes.  The stream is cleansing and rinsing away anything negative, old habits, pain, injuries, illness.  Relax into the stream.  You are floating gently, comfortably, in my arms, in the stream.  Let the stream cleanse you, wash away negative, out through your feet and toes. 

The earth is thirsty and happy for this sundrenched water coming through your body.  The dirt becomes rich and fertile, it does not define or comprehend good or bad, just nergy, and is thankful for the energy flow.  

Your toes wiggle and stretch with life, the energy flow of light coming through your body has awakened tendrils of new growth, tendrils and rootlets curl and yawn…like a tree, your energy digs deep into the earth, connecting all the way to the core of the earth… you belong here, you are grounded and rooted.

The sun comes through the leaves in your hair, through and around your body, the breeze rustles your leaves… you are strong and fluid, vibrant, healthy, one with the earth, the stars, and all that is.

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