Why Reiki?
Reiki saved my life. Really.
Suddenly abruptly divorced after an abusive marriage, after barely surviving a violent and traumatic childhood… I was on empty. Truly I was lucky to be alive. But was I really alive? Thriving? No. I was not thriving. I was barely hanging on, in perpetual fight or flight. My body was depleted, adrenals shot, hair falling out. And I was terrified to be alive.
I discovered Reiki while caring for a friend who had major surgery. Someone came to do Reiki on her. I had never even heard of Reiki. I was skeptical and protective of her. Yet he was so gentle, honoring, tender, sacred. He held her gently; he cradled her, and held her hand, and comforted her. I wept. I had never been held safely and comforted. Counseling is nothing like this. I need this. We all need this.

I started going to him for Reiki. The first few sessions he just held me and let me grieve while he did Reiki over me. He let me mourn my childhood, my ended marriage, and grieve being a strange sensitive soul in a big world. He gave me a safe, sacred space to begin healing. Over time he started showing me how to ground myself. He taught me to center and connect to my own energy with my hands, and how to unplug my brain and be calm. How to breathe in good and breathe out negative. He taught me different techniques for calming myself, mindfulness and meditation, and be more observing of my emotions (rather than being consumed by them). He helped me connect with my inner child. My divine wise self. The earth. Source Energy. He showed me how to breathe in the energy of the trees, of stars, of everything.
He helped me transform anxiety, insecurity, and stress into self-confidence. Each session was empowering, healing, and safe. He has been my mentor and teacher for years. I have studied and learned under his guidance, and he has given me the tools to heal myself. To trust myself. To trust my inner knowing. And that is what lights me up. I want to share this knowledge and healing with others.