Coaching and Support

Soul Coaching

Blending intuitive wisdom with practical guidance and tools:  stress and anxiety relief, goal setting, releasing trauma, mindfulness, goal setting.
Let’s work together and create a roadmap for your soul-led life.

Small Business Coaching

Blending entreprenurial wisdom with practical guidance and tools.
Systems, structures, and support for your small business:  bookkeeping, scheduling systems, organizing, time management, goal setting and accountability.

Feel supported
and confident

Move through
life’s transitions

Benefit from
tools and resources

A Safe Space

Many things are shifting in the world right now.  We all need a safe space to process, explore, vent, discover, heal, grow.  

My specialty is helping healers, intuitives, empaths, and anyone wanting to become more authentic to thrive.  Soul Coaching helps you break through the barriers and connect with your Soul.  

I also assist “soul” proprietors with small business needs: brainstorming, setting up systems, book keeping, money accountability, scheduling and booking platforms, and support with money barriers.  

I am here for you.  How may I help support you?       


Book a free
exploration call


Discover what you
need support with


Craft a package
that works for you

Coaching Structure

Individual Sessions or Transformation Packages
Number of sessions:  typically 4-8
Location:  Virtual or in person (Treasure Valley ID)
Duration:  60-90 mins pers session

Topics:  Relationships, life, finances, past trauma, creating a different future, truth, boundaries,
self-awareness, mindfulness, psychology, breathing, confidence.

Free Exploration Call

A Complimentary 60 minute session- just for you.

* Discover what’s keeping you frustrated and unhappy

* A safe space for you to explore your potential

* Tools, resources, and exercies to help you find ease

* Find out what modalities and structures can support you best.


Let’s find more magic and meaning together.