Medicine woman has become a friend, and feels like my soul momma.  Today she wrote me:
“This is how happy feels. This is family.” 

Thank you universe for bringing me not just good people, but friends, guides, mentors, who help me blossom and hold me when I struggle, and care to keep me safe. (and even tell me these words!)

Wow this is beautiful.  Family.  The frightened lonely little one inside me has someone to turn to, who is present and cares.  Look at all the lessons I’m learning, and reasons to be grateful.

Dear universe, please guide me to be on the right path, on your path.  If I have ever strayed or become deluded, please show me the way.  Please protect me with your light, your good.  I will try to listen and follow.  I am small, afraid, not brave.  But I trust you will show me the best way and keep me and S safe.