notes from the book 

“Spiritual Emergency:  When Personal Transformation Becomes a Crisis” 
by Stanislaw Grof

The Kundalini creates the universe out of her own being, and it is she herself who becomes this universe.  She becomes all the elements of the universe and enters into all the different forms that are around us.  She becomes the sun, the moon, the stars, and fire, to illuminate the cosmos which she creates.  ~Swami Muktananda  “Kundalini:  The Secret of Life”

The pain resulted not from the process itself, but from her resistance to it.  Disturbances seen are not pathological, but rather therapeutic.

Those who behave well and keep silent may avoid being called insane, schizophrenic, hospitalized, sedated.  But their isolation may cause much suffering.  Though confused, fearful, and disoriented, are already undergoing a therapy from within, far superior to any else.

Sometimes the process initiated by spiritual emergency simply enhances the quality of existence by healing various emotional, psychological, and physical problems, or by leading to a better self acceptance.  Because of these changes, the capacity to enjoy daily life increases considerably.