I received Reiki from a friend this week.  I was moved to tears by his Reiki.  It was exactly what I wish for, gentle, safe, and powerful.  He is doing more than just Reiki for sure, and it’s so much like my Reiki, it felt like home.  His touch is like starlight?  It’s hard to explain in words, so I found pics.

He took me/allowed me to journey to the same places as when I do holotropic breathwork and spirit journeying.  The places that are expansive, more than myself, where everything is inside out, and stars are cells and my body is made of galaxies and nebulas. I’ve never before experienced that everything-ness during touch and definitely not with other people.  So in a way it gave me hope that I’m not the only one here like that, a lonely one on the planet.  There was so much light coming in, it felt like my body could open and breathe.  Out of body, openness that I don’t often feel with my body, especially with touch.  I usually feel heavy, dense, contracted, and honestly, lonesome here as a human…

When he put his hands on my heart, these are the colors/feelings/sense of home, wherever the heck that is. When I do Reiki on others, this is where the energy seems to come from too.

At one point I was floating above lots of trees with leaves gently rustling.  So many trees, I  was floating through the leaves.

Then I was far away again. Stars and electric light connections coming through his hands.

And the connections turned red, which felt like heart warmth or life connection, not just stars

I’ve always known I’m not from here (nobody is really, most are just checked out, they don’t even realize.  I’m definitely a star child.  Without sounding cliche or creepy, it was like my body lit up with his Reiki, like he was making love to my energy (not sexually)