Huh. Turns out that the moon here is in the wrong spot. It’s straight up- at the zenith!! And all the stars are in the wrong places too. It’s disorienting, to have lived in the same town for my entire life, always knowing exactly where the stars are supposed to be. I recognize them, but they are in weird places in the sky. But I do love love love standing on the beach in the moonlight!!

What a day!  🙂  It was sunny for exactly the time it took us to walk from the hardware store, to the little house.  We went to the beach anyway, and learned that if you stand very still in the water, the minnows brush up against your legs.  Creeped us the heck out!  Happily, we don’t stand still much, especially in the water, so we won’t have to worry about sneak attacks from gangs of minnows.  

We saw a dolphin though!! 

Today we went to the bakery…. mmmmm!  fresh bread!  The bread was all lined up on one wall, fresh and warm.  The opposite wall was filled with a huge, old, brick oven.  To the left was the bread table, and a slicer that looked to be from the 40s.  He worked the bread while he visited with us, the bread man.  He told us the tamales would be ready in about an hour, his sister makes those, and only once a week, so we got some.

We can hear reggae right from our living room! 

Oh, and we ate our first coconut 🙂