Laying on another rock in the sun, at the medicine wheel.  I pictured you coming to me.  You see I am vibrant, pulsing with life, stretching with love.  You see I am a sun water universe love earth goddess, glowing in the sun.  

You see I am crying.  Acknowledging all the hurts in my life and past lives.  You come to me and touch my face, kiss my tears.  Then I cry for your beautiful soul, and all your pain.  I kiss your tears. 

Together we cry for all the atrocities toward humanity.  We hold each other, the way all humans should be held.  And we vow to make a difference. Grow bigger, gentler, stronger, a difference for so many people.  We start to laugh because it is happening.  We are joyful and we celebrate.  Now we cry happy tears, for freedom, tolerance, abundance, joy, and love in the world.