Dear Universe-
I have baggage in my belly,
holding in everything negative.
Emotions, memories, fears, pain,
all this stew to protect my fragile little child self inside.
It feels like pollution to let it out,
so I have always stuffed it in.
It’s stew really,
made from toxic bits others have given me.
Guilt, shame, violence, fears, pain bodies.
None of it serves me.
I don’t want to trudge it around anymore.
How can I release it?
Please show me how to let it go without guilt
for not holding it in.
“I am responsible for the energy I release in the world.”
Dear Mother Earth and Angels,
please help me release everything that doesn’t serve me
and holds me back and causes me pain…
everything negative in my belly, my pain body, my memories…
help me let it all go.
Help me turn it into something beautiful and healing and loving
as it floats away.