I love the word transform.  I can ask anything that doesn’t serve me- fears, worries, old ways, baggage- to be released and transformed into something beautiful.  It feels like flower seeds blowing out of me into the wind.

I used to hold it all in because it felt like polluting to let such negative out.  I’m glad it’s not really so.

It was such an epiphany to discover that just because something felt so negative inside me… nature doesn’t see it that way.  Nature doesn’t acknowledge positive or negative; it’s all just energy.  So nature recycles it into something new, something alive.

It seems freeing to sit under the stars and ask it all to be released, let go, into the wind.  The energy can float off like transparent breezes, and turn into butterflies, the breeze from butterfly wings can gently spread pollen from flowers, make the earth even more beautiful.

I release my negative energy to the universe, and ask the universe to transform it and return it with love.