Come with me to the forest.  The forest is thick, lush, green.  The sun dapples through the leaves, breeze rustles the branches.  We lean our backs against a tree, sitting on soft grass. We see mushrooms growing, wildflowers, dragonflies, butterflies around us.  There is a stream flowing close by, the water meanders and we can hear it trickling.  Upstream is a waterfall, we can hear it’s crash in the distance.

The ground is warm, loamy, alive, vibrant.  It begins to rain lightly.  Rain drops plop on our skin, hair, face, bodies.  The rain trickles off our skin and into our skin, and through our bodies, inside.  The rain becomes a stream inside us, flowing through our veins, refreshing warm water washing away old memories, emotions, wounds, until we are pure.  Our skin is translucent, we are just streams of flowing water over rocks and pebbles.

The rain lessens and stops, our skin is warm and drying in the sun.  Sunlight fills our bodies until the sun is inside our bellies, glowing out of us from the inside.  Hot sunlight flickers and radiates inside, it feels good and we laugh.  The flames tickle and burn away what our bodies no longer need, illness, pain, aging… until we are pure light, and only ashes remain of the old pains.

A breeze picks up and blows through, through our hair, our skin, through our bodies.  It blows the ashes away until we are clean and pure and new again.

We feel free, and marvel at our skin in the sun.  We wiggle our toes in the dirt.  It feels so good, we stretch our toes deeper into the soil until little vines and tree roots grow out between our toes, our toes become roots.  The vines lace around our toes and feet, it feels so alive and tingly.  Our roots reach deeper, stronger, and stretch deep down to the nutrients in the soil, deep until we can feel the heartbeat pulse of earth.  Ah yes, the heartbeat of Gaia, and our heartbeat matches the thrum pulse, we are one with the earth, with the sun, with each other.  We become trees too, in the forest. 

Sunlight filters through our leafy hair, our branches are strong and fluid, graceful, flowing.  We are alive, pulsing with aliveness.  Grass grows over our toes, moss creeps up between the bark, butterflies and birds flicker and twitter in our leafy branch hair.  We are one.  This space is home, it always exists, waiting for us to return.  

Now we are leaning against the tree again.  We touch the ground with our fingers and feel the heartbeat still, and feel it in the trees around us. We are nourished and connected.  

click below for my live recorded tree forest meditation: