So happy!  It’s not very often I am at a loss for words.  Everything here is so delicious; the colors are more vibrant, the flavors are more intense (turns out that’s msg. bummer!) everything is fresher.  I would joke that the sky is even bluer, but I can’t tell yet.


I am dizzy.  Maybe it’s from swimming in the waves.  Or the drink I had hours ago.  Maybe it’s from swinging in the hammock, or maybe for the first time in my life, I am exploding with pure joy.  I feel peaceful, content, safe… connected with myself, my son, and everything around me.


This is intoxicating, though I don’t think I ate any lotus flowers today 🙂  I am dizzy from a slower pace, smoother energies, peaceful souls.  Yet I feel giddy, intense, alive-  vibrating with curiosity, too excited to sleep, knowing that right beside me is my fav person in the world, he is just as curious and excited as I am, but right now he is happily warm and worn out, sleeping.

I can see light from the full moon out the window.  I know it is lighting up the crab-apple tree, the coconut and banana trees, jeans crunchy and damp on the clothesline, the hibiscus that have folded up their petals and tucked themselves in for the night…

A little further on, it shines on the sand, the ocean, and across to all the people I love.

Even under the same moon, I feel half a world away, floating between the two homes in my heart; my then and my now.  This is where I want to be.  I know that S and I could make a home anywhere we were together, but this is where I feel like I belong, for the first time in my life.  But it’s only a week… <3