For the most part, we are stressed, tired, over worked, depleted, disconnected, unfulfilled.    

At a physical level we have bodies, organs, brains, hearts, systems of digestion, blood flow, thoughts, emotions, memories, programming from family and society, plus electrical, chemical, magnetic, and hormonal processes…

At a genetic level, we are the cellular sum total of all of our ancestors.  Everything is encoded in our DNA; our thoughts, experiences, our pasts, our family’s pasts, evolution of humanity, every detail of the universe and everything that ever was and will be is stored in the DNA.  And it has been proven that trauma is stored in the DNA for 7 generations.  That’s a lot of baggage.

At an existential level, our energy has always existed and will always exist.  Currently we are trying out the experience of being humans here on Earth. But at the purest level, we are energy, light, vibration…  Everything living is light bound into matter.  Read that again.  Beneath our skin, between our muscles, between the organs, neurons, and cellular particles, is vibrating energy.  Cells are vibration.  Light is vibration.   Sound is vibration.

As humans, we forget all this.  It’s hard adulting.

However, our body is perfectly designed to heal itself.  We are genetically designed to thrive.  Only our thoughts and negative energies work against that.   When we are in flow, in balance, at peace, our bodies know what to do to be well.  Reiki connects you to that gentle space between, connected to the safe nurturing womb of the universe, connected to the heartbeat of time, nebulas, starlight, forests, mountains, the pulse of the earth.  That is the space and vibration where we are balanced and well.

Vibration is everything. And every vibration has its own frequency. The planet has a vibration, as do trees, sunbeams, bees humming, our heartbeat… all hum naturally at 528 hz.  Nature in balance vibrates at 528hz.  It is the frequency of life itself.  By exposing the mind and body to the Solfeggio frequencies during Reiki, you can easily achieve a greater sense of balance and deep healing.

Reiki incorporates healing touch,  mindfulness, Solfeggio music and essentail oils that help balance and soothe your energy.
And.  Perhaps none of this is true.  Healing energy and gentle touch still feels good.