This is traumatic and emotional, 
and my old tools aren’t working for this. 
Levelling up… but feels like being pulled down.   
I have been in constriction, fighting, struggling.  
Feels like one step forward 
and plummeting many steps backwards.  
I thought I had already released all this?

I hear this is the big one. THE BIG ONE.  

The big purge. 
It’s not our own shit. 
It’s not necessarily our lifetime stuff. 
Ancient cellular shit coming out. 
Hopefully for good and forever.

We are exhausted. 
Tired of purging and healing our own shit, 
plus doing it for the collective too.

I had a download/epiphany while working 

with a sensitive 14 yr old girl 
who is an empath, gifted, connected, and overwhelmed…  
she asked why we have to feel it all if it isn’t ours…


Well this energy can’t stay here, in the Earth, 
in our cellular memories, consciousness, Gaia…  it has to get out. 
But it needs pure souls to go thru to channel it out safely. 
That ancient dark energy would be dangerous in the wrong hands.

And we have to feel and process it, 

but only the pure souls can do that without becoming corrupted.

I think when the dark comes thru and out, many will wake up. 

Men and women will start showing up. And the younger generation!

And we are setting the standard and the vibration for them to match. 

When they wake up and they flounder, they can anchor with us 
(the first wave of healers and light workers)

We’ve already done the work we came to do. We don’t have to keep struggling. 

We are already awake and holding a higher vibration for them to come home to.

The younger generations don’t seem to have the baggage and karma, 

they are already awake, and they are displeased with the state of the world. 
They are waking up, getting pissed off, and going to do something about it. 
There are millions of them. And here we are, ready to show them the vibration to match. 
Feels like turmoil, but boy it’s gonna be good 😬.