It is the super full moon tonight.  They say if you send out your desires to the universe during a full moon, it boosts your vibration frequencies and amplifies your wishes.  It’s rather like breathing. Breathe out~ the full moon sends out your desires.  Breathe in~ the new moon pulls your desire for manifestation.  I’m not sure what that really means.  But I can send out desires to the universe.

What do I wish for?
I close my eyes and see myself floating on waves, ripples.  I am warm and safe, at peace.  I am sending out those waves in all directions, starting with a single water droplet, which sends out ripples of love and peace to all the world.  I see it rippling out, a rainbow of ripples growing into waves, rolling softly toward the horizon in all directions.

I picture it comforting people, giving hope. I sense it creates a connection with all humanity and greater life.  I picture people with malice having a change of heart, for the bigger purpose of love.

My waves join all the ripples from all good people around the world, creating good change.  My little ripples of love become bigger waves over time and distance, gathering strength and power from all that is good in the universe.  Each individual, small like me, creates bigger waves of love and peace.  As all the ripples meet around the world, the drops and riverlets intertwine like fingers clasping, holding hands of friends, gathering more strength.  

This goodness is spreading.  Love is gathering, joining hands, drawing the whole human family together, the angels, free-spirits, poets, lovers, musicians, wide-eyed children, wise aged ones with wrinkles, believers, dreamers, hippies, activists, truth seekers, star-seeds, tree-huggers, light workers, indigos and crystals, seers and peace keepers.


We are all holding hands as one, and our purpose is one~ love, light, truth.  Our ripples are gathering and becoming an ocean roar.  We stand united and strong, together in love.