I had a rough day.  Meaning I am worried about others, I have a cold, I needed a nap, but I tried to do too much.  I backed over a curb in the snow and got stuck, then burst into tears when I had to call my dad for help (who was at the library with my son, for their Tuesday Mcds-piano-library date).  I asked him not to laugh at me because I already felt pretty stupid.  He laughed anyway, and in retrospect, it is rather amusing.  How could a cold make me feel so yucky and whiny?  

It’s not really the cold.  It’s that I am worried about people I love.

My foster mom had heart surgery this year and now they are worried about an aneurism.  My cousin has brain damage and neuropathy from almost 5 years of chemo and brain cancer, but they won’t approve her disability.  My dear friend is having a hysterectomy soon and doesn’t know how to “afford cancer”and still feed her daughter.  She makes $20 a year too much to qualify for food stamps.  One of my client’s sons has been in a coma for a week.  

Really?  What kind of a world is this, where a mom has to choose between paying for cancer surgery and feeding her daughter??  Where my cousin can’t work for almost 5 years because of chemo and brain damage, but doesn’t qualify for assistance of any kind?   Health and food should be a given, a human right, not just for the wealthy.  Healthcare, clean water, and nutritious food should not be luxuries for the rich.

When I run the world, nobody will worry about money or being sick.  And hugs for all.   And so it is.

**update since I journaled this a year ago:  My foster mom is doing well, healing nicely.  They finally approved my cousin’s disability, and her cancer has retreated.  My friend is healing from first cancer and hysterectomy, and then kidney cancer and kidney removal surgery.  Friends have raised money and pitched in to help her financially, because that what good people do.