If you have ever wanted a better world, wish for it now.  If you ever dreamed of a better place, more tolerant, fair, kind, joyful, compassionate, enough money, doing what you love for a living, time for fun and playing, healthcare… everything beautiful that you wish for… wish it now!!

Picture it.  Envision laughing, no fear, being safe, needs met, love, being understood.  Picture fairness for everyone you know.  Picture joy for all humanity.  Picture people in power turning away from corruption and greed, and embracing what’s right for humankind.  Picture world leaders wanting peace.  Picture them smiling, drinking tea, laughing, talking about their families and loved ones, sharing childhood memories, changing the world for the better because we are all the same.  Picture them hugging and embracing each other as warriors of peace, change for the good of all humanity. 

When everybody wins, everybody wins.  And that is beautiful.  And divine.