Tonight we watched the movie “A Wrinkle in Time”  That book was one of my all time fav books, even though I don’t remember much about it now (gee, it has been a few years…)

So many details that slipped my memory, but I wonder how much the book influenced me at a deeper subconscious level at a young age…  about believing in more!  Science, time and space travel, protective light-angel beings, wisdom of innocence, life on other planets, good winning over evil, playing to your own beat (not tuning into the controlling mind-numbing beat)

What I had forgotten is that it’s magnificent to be different, smart, unique, magical… a strong girl.

The movie ending astounded me.  I don’t even know now if it’s the same as the book.  The light beings from the 4th dimension, the protective angel beings, were female, and represented consciousness, good energy, and light.  Wow!  I don’t remember that detail from reading the book in my childhood, but I certainly do believe it, and always have wanted to believe this.

And!!  Love is the answer!  Your flaws are your strengths, be the best you, and you will find your strength.  And it’s love…