Tomorrow (ok, in four hours) we leave for an adventure to Yellowstone and Big Horn Medicine Wheel.  I am told it is the oldest Medicine Wheel in America, with powerful energy.  It’s 10,000 years old, Native American’s have used it for sacred ceremony for generations.
I have packed dirt from home and the yard, will fill with positive intentions and love, to leave there.
I have also packed my drum, all my stones to charge, and some to leave, including a big one that several of us have placed intentions in.
So… what will manifest for me?  Where will I be doing what I love?  An office?  Nature?  In a group, or on my own?  Where will I find heart love?  Is it already here?  Or on its way?  How about abundance?  For me, and everyone?  I wish to be healthy, healed, lose weight, love my body, love my spirit, so I can love others too.