Your Love Story


Your love story… 

Getting to know you so we can create a very personal ceremony- 

Instructions:  Please answer each question candidly, from the heart, and we can take those ideas and incorporate them into the ceremony.  Don’t worry about making it poetic or pretty- I will help with that part.  Humor is good too!   


 Your wedding…

  1. Why have you chosen to be married? (why are you not just living together? )  What will be different?  How did you know when you were ready to make this step?


  1. Why have you invited guests to your wedding? (not just elope…) What do you want them to witness?  What message do you want them to hear that day? 


  1. Why are you giving each other rings? What do they mean to you?


  1. Do you want your guests to be reminded of falling in love, and renew their vows to each other?


  1. What do you want to gain from your wedding ceremony? What message would you like to hear from me?


Your past…

  1. How did the two of you meet?


  1. What was the first thing you noticed about your partner? Why did you fall in love?  What   drew you to each other?  What attracted you? 


Your future…

  1. What are your expectations of marriage? What do you hope to gain from being married to your partner?  How do you hope your spouse will treat you?


  1. How will you handle stress or misfortune? Differences?


  1. What promises do you make for the future? What kind of a spouse would you like to be?  What do you hope to give your partner? 


  1. What irritates you about your partner, but you are willing to overlook? What do you hope they will overlook in you?


  1. What do you picture your life to be like together? Will you travel the world, or snuggle in your cozy home?  What will it be like to grow old together?


  1. Do you intend to have children? Grandchildren?